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Manage your organization efficiently and professionally with Compete, and get the best results!
Improve the level of management, while fully managing the activities of the organization and its branches, groups, meetings, participants and subscribers.

Our hundreds of clients include community centers, municipal companies, competitive sports clubs, swimming pools, gyms and studios.

In recent years, Compete has positioned itself as a leader in the field of department management: product functionality, technological progress and the development of innovative and leading applications.

The systems we offer provide a comprehensive response to all the needs of the organization, in its various aspects, while providing tools for the various office holders in the organization - the administrative and management staff of the centers, the guides, the financial staff and the customers.

We invite you to move forward with us and to make it easy, convenient and simple to manage your business, anytime, anywhere.

From now on, you can also enjoy a mobile-optimized application includes all our advantages in one place: Online Registration, Registration for training, events managing, discounts coupons, selling items and keeping in touch with your customers.

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COMPETE Software Solutions

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